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Activities in cottage Mír



The surrounding of chata Mír invites you to many touristic routes. Best known is red touristic route from the crossroad under Chata Mír over Černá hora (Black Mount) directly to the top of Mount Radhošť, where the well known chapel of Cyril and Metoděj is located. Variation of this trip is also not-marked route from Chata Mír directly to Mount Radhošť. From the top of the Mount leads beautiful panoramic route on the ridge of the mountain to famous touristic centre Pustevny.

To return to our cottage is can be used one of this routes or the bikeway around the famous Skalík meadow. Popular variation of the visit of Pustevny is chair-lift from Trojanovice. From the place where the chair-lift gets you, you can go not only to the Mount Radhošť but also you can explore - Kněhyně Mount with caves, Čertův mlýn (Devil's mill) or Nature reserve Klíny (Wedges).

On all of the above described touristic routes are lot of wooden rest places with bins and information boards. The beauty of Beskydy is completed by many enchanting natural springs that allows you to have a rest and refresh.

Opposite direction from chata Mír red touristic route goes to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm town. Rožnov is important touristic centre of Wallachia and Beskydy. The town is well-known for wooden townlet with watchtower of Jurkovič, large city park, outer swimming pool with aquapark and Gibon park (fun park), square with patisseries, pubs and restaurants. Near Rožnov is situated romantic ruin of Castle Hradisko.

The less known is yellow touristic route from Chata Mír to Dolní Rozpité (Lower Rozpité) and to Dolní Bečva (Lower Bečva). On the way you can visit some local pubs, one patisserie and lovely local church. By your own car or by local bus you can get to very large water reservoir Šance (Chance) and from there on lot of touristic path to Lysá hora (Bald Mount) or to the top of Smrk Mount (Spruce)- there is located among other things headstone of J. Lennon.



Beskydy "highway", how the forest road around Chata Mír is called is one of the prettiest cross-country skis way in Beskydy. The path for cross-country skiers is mechanically maintained.

Directly from our cottage it is possible to follow the path to Pustevny with lots of panorama views. From Pustevny there leads a droping path to cottage Martiňák or ridge way around the statue of Radegast (God of Beskydy) to Radhošť.

The route from Pustevny to Skalíkova louka is easier. The surrounding of the cottage is just perfect for families with children who love sledging on snow and other winter fun.



Accommodated guests can use lots of ski areas nearby by own car or local bus, for example Pustevny, Bílá (White), Soláň a Karlovice.



kolo.jpgBikeway nr. 46, which goes around Cottage Mír, is one of the most beautiful trips on bike in Beskydy. Most of bikeways are situated in the nature out of roads.

Directly from our cottage it is possible to follow the path to Pustevny with lots of panorama views. From Pustevny there leads a droping path to cottage Martiňák or ridge way around the statue of Radegast (God of Beskydy) to Radhošť. The route from Pustevny to Skalíkova louka is easier.

From our Cottage Mír you can use the forest road to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, from where there is bikeway by Bečva river to Valašské Meziříčí or to the opposite direction to Horní Bečva (Upper Bečva). Both ways are just in nature, 100% out of roads, by the river.


muzeum.jpgOne of the most popular kind of entertainment is renting scooters on the tops of mounts and then downhill by the mountain roads to the city. Scooter rental company is for example in Pustevny, where you can get by the local bus. From Pustevny there are many options of downhills- to Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, around our cottage Mír to Rožnov pod Radhoštěm or to Horní Bečva. Scooter can be rented with baby seat. Safety equipment such as helmet and the high-visibility vest are included. Company offers also downhill with a guide.

In hot summer days you can use outside swimming pool, where you can get in half an hour walk through the forest. Straight under the Černá hora (Black Mount) where is our cottage located is big new reconstructed area with several pools and with Gibon park- fun park with lot of attractions and rope park. There is also smaller area in autocamp, where are two pools.

Romantic swimming can be find also in nature lido like Dam Horní Bečva, dam Bystřička, dam in Karolinka (Balaton) and weir of Bečva. In the winter season you can use the indoor swimming pool with water slides and steam sauna.

Most visited place in Beskydy is wooden townlet, more precisely wallachia museum in nature in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm. Moravian outdoor museum is second oldest museum in nature of Central Europe. During whole year there are lots of activities which are inspired by folklore, folk traditions and tradition handcrafts. Museum has several parts. The oldest part is wooden townlet, where are wooden houses from old Rožnov pod Radhoštěm town. There is also wooden church with honourable cemetery. In this cemetery is buried, among other popular people, Jiří Zátopek- Olympic winner and world recordman. Mill valley collects working machines like waschboard, mill, sawmill and oil press plant. Largest part of outdoor museum is wallachia village with more than 70 buildings. Farm, sheepfold, stabling, smithery and mill show us typical wallachian live. Also two secession buildings in Pustevny- Maměnka and Libušín belong to the museum, they were built according to folk architecture of Dušan Jurkovič. Libušín burned on the 3. 3. 2014.

Another interesting place is local brewery called Rožnovský pivovar (brewery of Rožnov). This complex offers not only several kinds of own beers and also beer baths and café with patisserie. There is also city cinema in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

There is something for the lovers of horses, golf, tennis, wellenss, beer and others in the close neighbourhood. If you have car, we can only recommend you trip to Štramberská trouba castle, technical museum in Kopřivnice, Hukvaldy castle, very large water reservoir Šance (Chance) or museum of power station Vítkovice.


On the first mezzanine there is recreation room, which can be used during your stay in the cottage. In the lounge there is ping pong table, air hockey, table soccer and rest place with sofa in front of fireplace. Other possibility of relaxation is in infrasauna. There are clean towels for each client of course. Right there is also shower, toilet and lemon water to refresh.


Please keep basic hygienic principles for using sauna: In the sauna sit on the towel and with second towel wipe out sweat from body (it speeds up secretion of toxics from body). Enter sauna just without shoes, don't cover the heating. If you feel nausea, leave the cabin. Before and after use of infrasauna drink a lot. After use of sauna shower with calm water. Effects of infrausauna: rehabilitations, harding, stretching, calming of blood pleasure, warming of hypodermis, secreting of toxics from body, abating of cellulite, reduction of weight and many others.